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Visual PDM Frequently Asked Questions

How is Visual PDM different from other Product Data Management systems on the market?
First, Visual PDM is very similar to other PDM systems in that it manages data from design through manufacturing to product obsolescence. Additionally it can manage the engineering change order process even if initiated from other areas. What Visual PDM does not use that other PDM systems do is their own database to store all part data and product related data. Visual PDM utilizes whatever database a company currently has in place, or whatever they may be changing to. Therefore, there is no need for your company to migrate all part and product related data into a new database, dramatically reducing the implementation time of Visual PDM.

We have an old mainframe Bill of Material System, but will be switching over to a new MRP/ERP system in the next year. How will this affect Visual PDM?
Many of our customers start in the same situation. Visual PDM can be installed to work with your current (old) system and allow you the access to the most current drawings, work instructions, bills of material and ISO documents. At the time you begin the switch to the new MRP/ERP you simply create the same tables in the new system as in you did in the old and direct Visual PDM to access the Bill of Material information from the new system. It takes less than one day.

Our company wants to include digital pictures in our Routings and Work Instructions. We have done some in a word processor, but realize this is not the answer. Does Visual PDM have a tool to help us?
Yes! Visual PDM includes a Process Plan Editor, which replaces traditional routings with a more advanced system. This built in system will allow you to have routings or work instructions which can include digital pictures, video, CAD drawings, spreadsheets, bill of material information and callouts to highlight a particular area or operation.

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